Creating a place for women to access employment, workforce training and entrepreneurship opportunities

what is this project about?

Located in Wimauma the Women’s Opportunity Center is a hub for all women to access services that lead to workforce and entrepreneurship opportunities.

Why does the center exist?

Currently in Wimauma there are too few places for women to gather to share, learn and explore opportunities for themselves and their families.  The Women’s Opportunity Center will be a place for all women to access services and a home for organizations that seek to support women’s economic development and empowerment to provide their services.

Why we do this work?

We want a healthy and prosperous Tampa Bay community.  And we know that when when women do well, our communities do better.

Employment opportunities

Workforce training

Building the entrepreneurship skills

What are the services available at the Women’s Opportunity Center?

  1. Social gatherings
  2. Workshops
  3. Workforce training programs
  4. Small businesses development workshops
  5. Individual coaching and mentoring
  6. Career Planning and Job Search

Come on Visit Us

Come and Visit Us!

5128 State Road 674
Wimauma, FL 33598