When we improve the life and prosperity of a woman, her family does well and our communities do better.

What is this organization?

Founded in 2009, Enterprising Latinas, Inc. (ELI) is a non-profit tax-exempt 501(C) 3 organization dedicated to the economic empowerment of low-income Hispanic women in Tampa Bay.

Our Mission

To create pathways of opportunity for Latinas in Tampa Bay

Our Vision

We envision a Tampa Bay Region where Latinas are contributors to and beneficiaries of a thriving community



My motto is “once you make a decision, the universe conspires to make it happen”


Liz Gutierrez
Founder and CEO

Liz is a first generation American whose parents immigrated from the Dominican Republic when she was six. She grew up in the Northeast and moved to Florida in the early 1980’s. Yearning to find her place in her new country Liz moved back to Massachusetts where she completed her college education earning a Masters of Science in Community Economic Development from Southern New Hampshire University. Passionate about social justice, Liz has spent the whole of her professional life working for and with communities to address issues of economic, educational and health disparities. Her contributions as an advocate for disenfranchised communities and tenacity as a community organizer, have changed the character and conditions of communities in the Northeast and Southwest of Florida. Liz loves to spend her time in the company of her beloved parents and family, including her husband Willy and her son the not so little Willy. Grateful for the opportunity to work among the most amazing people in the community development field, Liz continues to work for a more just society and loves to bring joy and laughter to all those around her.

Sara Arias
Program Manager

Sara Arias-Steele is a doctoral candidate in the Department of Applied Anthropology at the University of South Florida. Her fieldwork focuses on how Hispanic adolescents define healthy eating and physical habits and demonstrate resilience in expressing those healthy habits in resource-poor neighborhoods. Prior to joining  Enterprising Latinas, Sara led community-based participatory research projects and trained community members to assess the quality of community resources and the policy changes needed to address health disparities in Wimauma, Florida. Sara has contributed to anthropological publications on food insecurity, globalization effects on diet quality, community based participatory research methods and the metabolic effects of weight-loss surgery on type 2 diabetes remission and has served as a lecturer for the USF Anthropology department since 2012.  Beyond Sara’s commitment to promoting healthy communities, she and her husband, Andre are dedicated parents of two beautiful two-year old twin girls. For Sara and Andre, these days are all about making memories.

Marya Noriega
Volunteer Administrative Support

Marya is a student at Hillsborough Community College working towards her degree in business. She lives in Wimauma and is the daughter of the Vice President of the Wimauma Community Development Corporation. Marya is staffing our Women’s Opportunity Center on a volunteer basis and supporting our Rising Women’s Network activities.

Members Board

Lucy Stewart
Board Chair
Wanda Sloan
Vice Chair
Janet Beirman

James Chan
Ileana Cintron
Karen Landry
Joan Osa Oviawe